Servizio clienti Animali Prodotti

Passion, reliability and professionalism

These are the features we have stood out for over 20 years.

A firm that has always aimed at a level of excellence in the international field, both for its facilities and for the quality level of its bred specimens. We ship worldwide in full compliance with CITES, IATA regulations and, if required, even with the correct health certificates.

We import - We breed - We export

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With many years of experience under our belt, we import from all over the world and we are interested in any reptile and mammal species. Whether few and costly or sold in large quantities.

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We believe that the high degree of our customer satisfaction is our best business card. Nothing is left to chance, all our specimens are carefully selected before being shipped. We guarantee 100% on arrival and offer a 48-hour guarantee to our customers.

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After several years of selection we are now able to provide first-rate quality standards as well as a variety of morphs in certain species. Each species is carefully bred separately. We have a structure with the latest innovations and the best technology currently on the market.